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Authentic is by far the largest talent and literary management company in New York, with a thriving office in Los Angeles and a flourishing production arm. We are the only truly bicoastal company of our kind in the entertainment business. We have amazing managers working in both Los Angeles and in New York.

Client Centric

We focus deeply on fulfilling what truly matters to our clients, artistically, creatively, financially, and on the legacy they want to create.

Socially Engaged

We have a strong commitment to collaborating with great nonprofits to help make a difference on this planet.

Active Expansion

We continually explore new opportunities, actively respond to change, and never accept the status quo.

Unmatched Experience

We closely collaborate with each other and are seamlessly integrated on both coasts.

What We Do

Authentic is here to make a difference, and we do that by empowering our clients in what they really care about.


Authentic’s clients are known as some of the top artists in their respective fields. Our clients have been nominated for and won top awards, starred in box office blockbusters and Sundance hits, as well as Broadway and off-Broadway hits and small-screen favorites. We empower our clients to fulfill on what truly matters to them over the course of their long and varied careers. Our bicoastal team of expert managers represents the full needs of our clients in every area, including theater, film, television, and digital media. 


Authentic is committed to producing quality projects in film, television, and the digital space. We utilize our unparalleled access to IP and our relationships with top creative partners to develop and produce projects with our clients and with other creative companies.   We currently have 100 projects in development.


Authentic’s Comedy Department represents some of the top comedic performers, producers and writers in the comedy industry from long-established stars to the hottest up-and-comers, in TV, film, digital, branded entertainment, and live performance. We use our entrepreneurial approach and our unparalleled reach to ensure our clients have the best possible opportunities available to help them fulfill on what they really want from their careers.


Authentic’s Lifestyle Division works with clients whose purpose is to impact the quality of how people live their lives. Clients include business leaders, weight- loss coaches, interior designers, hosts, travellers and explorers, artists, relationship experts, chefs, nerds, health experts and beauty curators. We work with our clients to build a media platform that is current, provides value and is successful. This platform can include social engagement, TV production, digital content, brand relationships, events, speaking tours, books, products and endorsement opportunities.


Our Digital Talent division represents some of the top talent in the digital space, reaching millions of fans with unique and creative content. Through strong brand partnerships and unparalleled relationships, we ensure that our clients have the best possible opportunities to fulfill on what they really want, in both the digital and traditional media realms.


Established in 2005, we’ve since built unique methods and procedures to ensure our clients get what they want and leave behind a fulfilling legacy they’re proud of. We make a real effort to find out what our clients truly want and then take the necessary actions to create the future they stand for, through collaboration, creation, and tenacity.

The outcomes are invariably stellar; our clients star in some of the biggest and most critically acclaimed projects on screen and stage. We’ve developed dozens of careers from the start and worked with our clients to cause new and extraordinary futures.

Additionally, we’ve taken on major social and environmental issues both with our clients and as a company which have impacted the quality of life in India, Haiti, Africa, Southeast Asia, and the United States.


Extraordinary Managers

Years in Business

Years of Experience


Authentic is deeply committed to making a difference on the planet. We work with our clients and on our own to cause a new better future for humanity, whether through media or through on-the-ground work in areas of need. Authentic and our clients have done extensive work with the following organizations:

English in Mind Institute in Port-au-Prince

We are English in Mind Institute (EIM) — a non-profit, adult English program in Port-au-Prince, Haiti and we love our school.

Although JonHaiti3started by an NGO (International Disaster Volunteers) in the aftermath of the earthquake, EIM is now a Haitian led, Haitian taught, and Haitian administered operation. EIM offers biweekly classes to over 190 students and follow a Cambridge University English syllabus complete with internationally recognized exams. Along with their lower levels, they are one of the only institutes in Haiti to offer two advanced levels and also sponsor graduates to take the TOEFL exam.


MIMSI International

Screen Shot 2016-02-04 at 10.50.13 PMMIMSI is a community-based organization based near Les Cayes, Haiti which trains local volunteers in lifesaving pre-natal care in remote and rural areas. The volunteers in turn run a prenatal clinic with local doctors and nurses to serve pregnant women in their communities.

New Light in Kolkata

UNICEF bannerThe mission of New Light is to promote gender equality through education and life-skill training, thereby reduce harm caused by violence and abuse to women and young children.  New Light is a registered public charitable trust operating from the terrace of a temple deep inside the red-light district of Kalighat, Kolkata that offers comprehensive community development services. The project provides the children of sex workers a safe haven, particularly in the evening hours when streets are the most dangerous and the mothers are working.

Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.22.26 PM Peace First

Peace First is a national nonprofit organization that exists to create the next generation of peacemakers. They view children as natural problem solvers and creative thinkers, and invest in their ability to see themselves as leaders.  Today, what began as a one-day festival is a now a national movement that Peace First is catalyzing to celebrate young people and their potential to create positive change around them. Peace First work is grounded in teaching young people the skills of peacemaking; empowering educators and parents to teach and model these skills and values; and creating social messages that raise expectations for young people to demonstrate compassion and empathy.



Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.29.20 PM

Cancer Schmancer

Cancer Schmancer’s mission is to shift the nation’s focus from just searching for a cure to prevention and early detection of cancer in order to save lives. Founded by client Fran Drescher, The Cancer Schmancer Movement is a three-prong organization dedicated to Early Detection, Prevention, and Policy Change.




Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.29.20 PM

Road Recovery

ROAD RECOVERY is dedicated to helping young people battle addiction and other adversities by harnessing the influence of entertainment industry professionals who have confronted similar crises and now wish to share their experience, knowledge, and resources.




Screen Shot 2015-10-22 at 3.29.20 PM

It Gets Better

Kassie Thornton is a member of the Board of Directors for the It Gets Better Project. The mission of the “It Gets Better Project” is to communicate to LGBTQ young people that it gets better, and to inspire the changes necessary to make it better for them. The project exists to uplift, empower and connect LGBTQ+ across the globe.


Featured Works

Authentic and our clients are involved in creating dozens of high-quality media projects each year. Here are some of the most recent:

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true north

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